The Wisery Intelligence Platform, Powered by Generative AI

A transformative and disruptive solution, changing the way intelligence is created.

Dive into private data lakes and public information in a whole new way

Leverage the potential of Generative AI for unprecedented intelligence creation. Overcome the challenges and constraints of existing AI, BI and security intelligence systems.

Any data
Transparent & Explainable
Dynamic Use Cases
Reliability and Confidentiality Guaranteed

Intuitive and Versatile

Straightforward Prompts to Complex Questions. Trustable Answers

Prompt the most intricate intelligence queries using natural language, while the Wisery Inspector instills confidence by ensuring your answers are both well-founded and explained.

New Intelligence Creation:
Dynamic, Beyond Textual Answers

Not bound by predefined queries and goes beyond textual answers to create new intelligence with rich insights presented in multiple formats (including geo-maps ,link-maps and timeline).

Intelligence Reimagined

More intelligence for your organization, more quickly.

Empower your analysts and decision makers with a conversational intelligence platform for increased efficiency.

Intelligence creation that exceeds human limitation.

Utilize Generative AI to explore huge amounts of organization-internal or public data, for reports, insights and connections that go beyond what humans alone can achieve.

Experiance how the Wisery platform can benefit your organization

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Inside the Wisery Platform

Leveraging the transformative potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) with the unique Wisery tools and architecture, empowers the new era of intelligence creation.

User Natural Language Query

Wisery Planner and proprietary LLM convert user queries into a coherent action plan that identifies the sources and agents to be used.

Processing, Analysis & Analytics

Launching Wisery proprietary agents and analytic engines to extract, understand, reason and execute the new intelligence creation.

Wisery Validator

Internal system validation of sources used and the newly created intelligence, ensuring results reliability is guaranteed.

Trustable Answers in Multiple Formats

Provide newly created intelligence in a variety of formats. The Unique Inspector module empowers the user with full transparency and explainability.

From Wise to Wiser

On-Premise, Enterprise-Grade and Always Up-to-Date

Guards your confidential data and privacy while keeping with the latest technology.

Works with Any Data Type

Text, video, audio, structured & unstructured, private and public data sources.

Reliability Throughout

Avoids traditional generative AI reliability pitfalls, delivering validated, explanatory and traceable results.

Localized and Tailored to Your Domain

Speaks your language. Designed, developed, and trained by domain experts.

Dynamic Analytics

Leverages the Wisery Planner, LLM and Agents to effectively handle new, dynamic, and complex queries.

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