Bringing Generative AI to Confidentiality-Conscious Organizations

Generative AI to

Your private, on-prem, conversational AI intelligence platform

A New Era of Intelligence Creation

Disrupting the way your organization extracts, analyzes and understands big data to uncover risks and opportunities.

National Security
Law Enforcement Agencies
National Intelligence
Corporate Organizations

Because getting answers to your organization's complex questions is tough. Sometimes impossible.

The Wisery Platform
Reliable. Well-Reasoned. Versatile.

Designed with the needs of risk-sensitive, confidentiality-conscious organizations in mind and acts like your elite group of smartest, fastest, most productive and trustworthy analysts.

Speaks conversational AI, in your language

There is no need to employ structure and language experts who know exactly HOW to ask a machine, just your domain experts who know WHAT to ask.

Keeps your secrets, safe and secure

Your information stays on your premises and not in the cloud, your data and query topics are not shared while keeping information safety & security at the highest standards.

Understands any type of data

The Wisery platform is data agnostic, works with any data in any language: Private and public data sources. Unstructured and structured. Text, video, audio and other formats.

Is reliable, and can prove it

Explanatory and transparent, delivering trustworthy results and providing an evidence log of its validation process.

Intelligence Inside.
What Makes the Wisery Platform Wiser?

Proprietary architecture Large Language Model which is tailored to your organizational domain. Pose queries and get answers in natural language using the unique Wisery Planner and Agents.

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